A language learning app that invites you to play with the new words until you become really close friends.

Not all words are equal

LearnInVisible fuses the best practices of language-learner mavericks with pure neuroscience to achieve one simple goal: to teach you the most practical part of your target language - the core vocabulary. These are the words which you’ll most probably use in everyday conversations.

Get engaged

The discovery begins with a puzzle: we don’t give you the meaning of the word easily - you have to guess it. Tapping on the screen reveals the picture piece by piece which gently stimulates your brain. Engagement is key in learning.

Make a connection

The key to remember is to establish a bridge between you current knowledge and the new one. We have a tool that helps to find a grip on the new word and attach this to your existing memories.

Boring test Playful challenges

Testing your knowledge is most effective if the challenge is optimal. That’s why we tailor it to your current skill. We drip stimulating details one by one until you get it. Help is always there but you are encouraged to use it as little as possible.


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